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Shepherd Church offers programs, events and ministries for kids and youth. We're excited to partner with you!

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Shepherd Kids

Shepherd Kids

We exist to help kids know they belong in God's Kingdom. Every weekend, kids are given the opportunity to worship, memorize scripture, and learn about the Gospel alongside godly mentors. Shepherd Kids’ programs are based on each developmental stage in a kid’s life.

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Shepherd Youth

Shepherd Youth

Shepherd Youth wants to see students become fully alive in God’s Kingdom. By building their lives on Jesus, we believe students will find the full life God created for them. Connect with Jesus and friends through D-Groups (Discipleship Groups), camps, serving, and weekend services.

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Checking in

Checking In

Kids and Students will be required to check-in before heading to SK and SY. To check-in, all kids need a profile. This can be created onsite once you arrive or in advance using the link below.

Infants-5th Grade: You will check-in at a kiosk when you arrive and receive three stickers (a name tag, a roster tag to give the leader, and a check-out sticker for you). An SK representative can help you find the appropriate room for each kid (which can also be found on the sticker). Please note that kids need an adult to check-in.

6-12th Grade: Students will check-in at a kiosk when they arrive. They will receive a stamp to enter SY. Students do not need an adult to check-in.

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Family Friendly Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to get your child engaged at church:

Frequently Asked Questions

Each campus has a dedicated area for kids. If you’re having a hard time finding things, a friendly face will be nearby to help.
We encourage parents and guardians to see how their kid does on their own. Creating new relationships is incredibly important to development and we have seen countless kids (that were super nervous or sad at first) find amazing community in Shepherd Kids. Some kids do need time to adjust. If your child is having a difficult time making it through a whole service, we will give you a call and you can pick them up. We encourage you to keep trying, we’ll be ready when they are! Because all adults in our rooms are required to have a background check, parents are only allowed to stay for a few moments, interact with your child only, and are asked to wear a “guest” badge. Email us at if you would like to talk more.
Email us at We have staff that specifically want to connect with you. We know each family and situation is different, but all of us belong! Whether it’s finding a buddy or giving some extra tools, we’re here on this journey with you! You are also welcome to simply show up to any of our programming! Just let a team member know if you would like to talk to someone about making church the best it can be for your kid.
We hope that your kid always leaves Shepherd Kids with more friends than they came in with! And this happens every week for so many kids! If the friend they are coming with happens to be in a different room than they are, we do our best to make sure they are comfortable and still have a wonderful time. While we won’t always be able to move their rooms around, we can still offer a wonderful experience.
We know your kids are the most important thing to you. Our leaders go through a multi-step interview process, background check, and training before being able to serve in any of our rooms.
Leading students is one of the highest honors here at Shepherd. Our leaders go through a multi-step interview process, background check, and training before being able to serve. All leaders are overseen by staff and kept accountable to their own faith journey. We love our leaders!

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