LST Connect Basic Training

Every year hundreds of people just like you utilize Let’s Start Talking (LST) to serve and share their faith in local settings, online, or even internationally. We’re thrilled with the opportunity to serve you! Regardless of where you plan on using the LST approach and materials, we all share the same goal- sharing Jesus and sharing ourselves. 

Though there’s no reason to get stuck on a name, it may help you to know that we use the following designations: 

  • FriendSpeak – Our name for doing LST in a local setting; a local church outreach. At Shepherd Church we call this ministry English & Coffee. 
  • LST Connect – Our name for doing LST online with LST-provided Readers. 
  • LST Projects – Our name for using LST on a mission trip. 

So that we know best how to serve you, please take a moment to fill out this brief registration form. 

On the next two pages you’ll find the following: 

LST’s general expectations for participants. 

  • A place for you to indicate the primary reason you’re registering today (Don’t worry; it’s ok if you decide later you’d like to be involved in other LST-related opportunities!).
  • A request for basic contact information from you. 
  • A spot to donate. LST asks the following to consider a donation:
    • NEW Connect Workers (a one-time $55 donation to help provide the program free of charge for Readers).
    • FriendSpeak Workers whose church is not part of a subscription plan (and thus, who are paying $55 per-person for training).

One last thing. On this form, or in other places, you may hear us refer to “Workers” and “Readers.” Those are just our words for Christian participants (“Workers”) and the international friends we’re serving (“Readers”). 

(818) 831-9333

Online via Zoom

Date / Time

Utilize this page to register for Basic Training AFTER having registered as a LST Connect or FriendSpeak Worker (aka English & Coffee Tutor at Shepherd Church).

In this three-hour workshop receive the basic training you'll need to utilize the LST approach in sharing your faith and your life with an international friend. If you're utilizing this training for FriendSpeak (English & Coffee) or for an LST Project, this training also links you to LST Connect where you can serve a Reader online! This seminar will cover the basic LST philosophy and methodology. 

The cost of this training is included in Shepherd's registration as an LST partner church. We're adding additional training dates to this page on a regular basis.

Before attending LST online training we prefer participants to register as an LST Worker (LST Connect and/or FriendSpeak-English & Coffee). That form is HERE.