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What is RightNow Media? Read about it a bit!

RightNow Media.

What is it?

How come I keep reading about it?

Well, if you’ve ever asked any of those questions, you are in good company.

RightNow Media is a Christian based organization that houses thousands of hours of bible studies & curriculum, Christian conferences with speakers such as Francis Chan, Tony Evans, and David Platt, as well as Christian based television shows for children.

RightNow Media is a great resources for all families as well as men and women of all ages. Here at Shepherd Church, we have had RightNow Media for a few years and it has been a great tool to utilize. Our goal though, is to make sure families, men, women, and visitors who may one day call Shepherd home, have access to such a great tool!

Whether you do or don’t have a RightNow Media account, can we introduce/re-introduce what RightNow Media is and how it can serve you?

Check out this video!

If you’re interested in using RightNow Media whether with your Life Group, your family, some friends you are studying the bible with, or simply for your own personal growth, click on the link below to sign up for a free account!

Click here to sign up for a FREE RightNow Media account!

Now, if you have been using RightNow Media, let us know how it is going!

Let us know what have been some of your favorite studies or conferences you have watched! 

Our goal is to continually connect the folks of our church and if a tool like RightNow Media can serve our church to CONNECT and then EQUIP the folks of our church, then let’s get this in the hands and devices of as many people possible.

Words | Victor Pena – Fellow Life Group Leader