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When someone asks me why I support this ministry, I begin to think about people reaching out for the Lord. I wonder if someone is there when they reach out for Him? I am always thinking about how people - not focused on religion, Christ, the Church or the Gospel - can be touched by God. I ask myself, “How can we facilitate the connection between individuals who need the Gospel with people of the Church who have the Gospel?”

It is in service that the Lift Up Jesus labors, day in and day out. This ministry is an extension of the pulpit, an extension of the connection between a pastor and his congregation, between Jesus Christ and a single human being. Lift Up Jesus exists to raise the platform, expand the platform, and extend the reach of a message to as many people as possible.

This ministry is exciting and the potential is unlimited. We don't know who will turn to our channel, dial up our station or glance at our website. But what we do know is that we will be there to greet them, as often as possible, making it as easy as possible. Taking the message of Jesus Christ beyond the physical walls of our church to reach individuals all over the world, for perhaps the very first time, is an amazing opportunity and is worthy of support.


Lift Up Jesus is a powerful vehicle to deliver the Gospel message to large numbers of people who need to hear it. My wife Patti and I learned this firsthand when inviting friends to Shepherd several years ago. This couple had always declined our repeated invitations to attend, until one day we happened to mention Pastor Dudley.

The wife had come across Lift Up Jesus on TV and loved the way the message was presented in a clear, concise manner. When they realized Dudley was the pastor at Shepherd, they finally agreed to join us. Their encounter with Lift Up Jesus was the spark that got them to church, it strengthened their walk and led them to be baptized. Not long after, the wife passed away from cancer, but we know she was saved.

We are convinced that this ministry - via the TV and radio mediums - provides the opportunity for thousands to hear the Gospel, and once this seed is planted, come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Partnering with this ministry also helps us fulfill our mission from Jesus. We are currently and will continue to be supporters of Lift Up Jesus. We urge anyone who desires to spread the Gospel, to come on board.


I love the Lord with all my heart, mind and soul. I have lifted up the name of Jesus like a banner of salvation. Years back, I went to the mission field in Mexico with a Mexican group of believers. I sang and testified to God’s love and power to redeem men and women, boys and girls. I saw the power of God transform those who sought him in prayer.

I have sung and lead worship and served in numerous capacities both at Shepherd Church and in the community. My heart is in evangelizing the world for Jesus. Supporting the broadcast ministry is a part of my service to God. As I get older, I know God can still use me to support this important ministry.

May the Holy Spirit of God speak to the sinner who is lost, bring hope to the troubled and use our pastor and our church to bring light into a world of darkness and despair. May others feel the call of the Lord in this endeavor.